MIGNON (unbranded) 4x Top Mount Viewfinder

Mignon 4x top mount viewfinder

This is to all intents and purposes a Mignon 4x viewfinder although it does not have the Mignon name on it.

Identical to others I have seen sold.

Nice clear image through the viewer but there is one fault area that does not detract from using it.

Set of 3 PENTAX K Mount Extension Tubes. 13mm 21mm & 31mm. VIVITAR, with Case.

Set of 3 PENTAX K Mount Extension Tubes. 13mm 21mm & 31mm

Clean, operating correctly and undamaged.

Supplied with Vivitar case ( a bit worn but fine).

CANON Lens Hood BT-52B

This Canon BT52B lens hood is new and boxed.

It fits onto Newer type FD 75-200mm f4.5 (bayonet mount type) manual focus telephoto zoom lenses (see product images).

If you need any advice or info, please email us at retrolenses@talktalk.net

HANIMEX Sekonic Leader De Luxe L-8b Exposure/Light Meter. Boxed with Case

Hanimex Sekonic Leader De Luxe L-8b exposure light meter.

This light meter is in excellent cosmetic condition and in working order.
The needle springs into life as soon as its pointed at any light.

It comes to you complete with its original tan leather case, retail box and instruction book.
(There is no neck chain)

NOTE - the light amplifier attachment is not included, the third photo is just showing an advert for one.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

TELEMAC 2x Teleconverter M42 with Case and Caps

This Telemac 2x teleconverter will double the focal length and magification of yourM42 mount lens when fitted between your lens and camera.

Clean, with clear glass.

Comes to you complete with case and caps.

PRINZFLEX Auto 2x Teleconverter for Pentax PK Mounts

This Prinzflex2x converter will fit any lens/camera using the Pentax PK mount.
Once fitted between lens and camera, it will double the focal length and magnification by 2x 
It is for use with manual focus lenses and cameras only.
The adapter is clean and undamaged and the optics are clear and fault free.
Comes with both caps.