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When I look at cameras, I see more than a machine that takes photographs.
I see an aesthetically pleasing and engineered sculpture - an artwork.

When a camera is used, it is often then brought home and put away in a cupboard until next time.
Fair enough, we all do it and many modern cameras are so ugly they deserve to be hidden away.

However, there have been literally millions of beautiful cameras made over the last century.
This is why I believe that cameras should be shown off to the world.
I have cameras all over the house (as you can imagine) - on windowsills, shelves, in glass cabinets and anywhere they can be admired on a daily basis. 

There is something about cameras, especially old ones. They seemed to be etched into our subconscious in a way.

I'll give you an example - this may be more familiar to UK residents than elsewhere so please correct me if I am wrong. 
When out driving and you see a sign for a speed camera, you see this -

uk speed camera sign

Our mind tells us without words that this is a camera because (even if we were born in the last 30 years) that is what we know a camera to look like. A square box with bellows and a couple of knobs on the side. THAT is a camera.

If you saw this instead -

canon dslr camera

You could be mistaken for thinking it was an advert for a new DSLR camera or it was time to take a landscape shot of the view you are driving past!

So, you see my point? Cameras are part of who we are.
Our lives, even if we don't realise it, revolve around them.

Quite often, I have cameras that are beyond economical repair but still look great.
These are ideal candidates for display cameras and I sell them at lower prices than their working counterparts.

If you are after that specialcentrepiece for a shelf or display cabinet, a vintage or antique camera may just fit the bill.
No price is set in stone, so if there is something you are after, please contact me and I am sure we can negotiate a price.

Have a look at my current ebay stock listed on this page, it automatically updates, so you could find a bargain there.

Happy shopping!