LOMO Lomography OKTOMAT 8 Lens 35mm Camera

Lomo OKTOMAT 8 Lens 35mm Camera.

This LOMO OKTOMAT is just a bundle of fun with its 8 lenses that fire consecutively giving 8 totally different shots (preferably of a moving subject).

The camera is in excellent condition and working order.

No batteries required.

Uses 35mm film.

No instructions or box.

CORONET Conway Vintage Box Camera (uses 120 Film)

Coronet Conway vintage box camera.

This is a British made box camera that uses 120 roll film.

It has two covered waist level viewfinders and two pre-set focus settings.

The lens is clear and the shutter fires nicelyin both settings.

The camera is useable but the film transport rollers do have some corrosion so please bear this in mind as it could scratch the negative unless either cleaned up or repaired.

Small areas of body corrosion but nothing serious.

Would also make a great display piece with its period styling.

FOTH Mixte Folding Camera (6.5×9 plates and 6.5×9 film packs)

Foth Mixte folding camera.

From around 1933-1937, this German FOTH folding camera has the option for using either 6.5×9 plates or 6.5×9 film.

It is clean and undamaged with some lifting of the leatherette in places and age related wear.

All shutter speeds including T and B are operating nicely.
Aperture blades are clean and move freely.

The lens is undamaged but it would need disassembly to get inside and clean the elements of years of dust and what looks like a fingerprint - yes, on the inside between the front and rear elements. If this can't be cleaned, the maybe the camera is better as a display item or collectors piece.

We are always willing to consider offers on any of our items, so please contact us and maybe we can make a deal.

Comes with original leather case/pouch which is well worn but intact with a working clasp.

OLYMPUS OM 40 Program SLR Camera Body. Tested and Working.

Olympus OM40 Program SLR camera body.

A clean and operating 35mm SLR body by Olympus.
Light seals and mirror damper are good.
Viewfinder is clear.
LED's illuminate.
Self timer operates.
No damage.
New batteries fitted by us at Camera Dealer.
No body cap supplied.

The rubberised covering appears to have beed re-glued at some time on the film door.

Will work with any manual focus lens with the OM mount including third party OM lenses by Vivitar etc.

No instructions but these can be found online as a download.

PENTAX ME Super 35mm SLR inc 35-70 Miranda MC Macro Zoom Lens

Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR camera.

The Pentax ME Super is a small 35mm SLR that is easy to use, can take a multitude of lenses AND deliver great results.

This example is in full working order, it has new batteries fitted by us at Camera Dealer and is fitted with a versatile 35-70mm macro zoom lens.
The camera is clean but does have a couple of areas of damage that we want to make you aware of -

  • A small dent to the end of the top plate under the rewind knob
  • Wear to the paint at the edge of the film door
  • A small dent and some light surface marks to the baseplate
  • Missing cap to the top of the winder arm (purely cosmetic)

None of the above points affect the operation of this camera.
Internally, the camera is clean and the light seals and mirror damper are good.
There is a postcode written in two places in the back where a previous owner has had it security marked. Our stock is sourced and bought from reputable outlets such as auction houses where the majority of their lots are from house clearances.

The lens is in very good condition cosmetically, has clear optics and comes with it's lens cap.
The focus, zoom and aperture mechanism all work perfectly.

No instructions supplied but can be found online as a download.

ZEISS IKON Contina 35mm Vintage Camera with Novar Anastigmat 45mm 3.5 Lens, Case, Hood & Filter

Zeiss Ikon Contina camera.

In remarkable cosmetic condition.
Working order.
Clean, undamaged and has a very clear lens.

Shutter speeds appear accurate apart from 1/4 1/2 and 1 sec.
Aperture mechanism and blades are good.
Focus moves freely.

As this is a viewfinder camera, I would recommended that you use a seperate rangefinder device for accurate focus.

Comes to you complete with original Zeiss case, Actina filter and hood (with case).
No instructions but these can be found online as a download.