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FOTH Mixte Folding Camera 

(6.5×9 plates and 6.5×9 film packs)

Foth Mixte folding camera.

From around 1933-1937, this German FOTH folding camera has the option for using either 6.5×9 plates or 6.5×9 film.

It is clean and undamaged with some lifting of the leatherette in places and age related wear.

All shutter speeds including T and B are operating nicely.
Aperture blades are clean and move freely.

The lens is undamaged but it would need disassembly to get inside and clean the elements of years of dust and what looks like a fingerprint - yes, on the inside between the front and rear elements. If this can't be cleaned, the maybe the camera is better as a display item or collectors piece.

We are always willing to consider offers on any of our items, so please contact us and maybe we can make a deal.

Comes with original leather case/pouch which is well worn but intact with a working clasp.