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Hanimar 135mm 2.8 Tele Portrait Lens M42 with Canon EF Mount Supplied

Hanimar 135mm 2.8 Lens with M42 to Canon EF adapter

A vintage 135mm lens ready to mount onto any Canon EOS camera with and EF lens mount.

Super clear glass, no damage to the body or glass and with a fast 2.8 max aperture it will perform well in low light and is ideal for portrait work.

The supplied EF mount adapter and end cap are brand new and will be supplied to you with full instructions on how to fit and use the lens with this adapter.

This lens has a pre-set aperture control. Once the aperture ring is set, the O/C ring can be used to smoothly control the aperture. Set the aperture ring to f22 and you can open and close the aperture without clicks all the way through the range - ideal for video shooting.

hanimar 135mm lens side view
hanimar 135mm lens clarity
hanimar 135mm lens clear glass
hanimar 135mm lens clear glass surface
hanimar 135mm lens m42 mount adaptable to canon ef