YASHICA ML 50mm 1.9 Prime Camera Lens. Y/C Yashica Contax Mount

Yashica ML 50mm 1.9 Y/C mount lens.

In excellent optical condition without fungus or visible dust.
Smooth focus and precise aperture ring movement.
Very light amount of body wear but no damage.
Can be mounted to many different camera mounts including DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras using an adapter (not included).
Includes lens cap but no end cap.

OLYMPUS Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1.8 Manual Focus OM Mount Lens

 Olympus Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1.8 OM mount lens.

Very clear optics and smooth focus are key features of this lens.
It has a tiny flaw on the front element near the edge, some kind of bubble which is difficult to see. It is so minimal, it will not be a problem.

The body is very clean with no damage.
Very light wear marks on the front filter edge.
No caps supplied.

Will fit directly to any camera using the Olympus OM mount and to other mounts using an adapter (not included).

MEYER Optik Gorlitz Oreston 50mm 1.8 M42 Mount Camera Lens 5814204

Meyer Optik Gorlitz Oreston 50mm 1.8 M42 lens.

A nice original lens in good working order.
The glass is clear, the focus moves nicely and the blades are clean and moving freely.
Body condition is very good without damage.

Will fit many different camera mounts by fitting an optional adapter including DSLR's

CARL ZEISS aus JENA MC Pancolar 1.8 50mm Prime M42 Mount Camera Lens

Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1.8 50mm M42 lens.

One of the cleanest and optically superior lenses we have had the pleasure to sell.
‚ÄčNo body damage and focus and aperture move nicely.
The Multi Coated glass is super clear and has no damage, fungus, haze or visible dust.

There is no lens cap but there is a nice sky 1A filter fitted to protect the lens.
The lens has the popular M42 screw mount which is easy to adapt to other lens mounts using an adapter (not included).

HELIOS 44 58mm f2 M42 Mount Manual Focus Camera Lens

Helios 44 58mm f2 M42 lens.

One of the first versions of the popular Helios 44 lens.
Capable of nice swirly bokeh and sharp images.

This example is clean, optically clear with just minimal surface cleaning marks.

The focus is buttery smooth and the aperture mechanism and blades move freely.
Cosmetically good with just age related wear.

It has a M42 screw mount adaptable to many different camera mounts, both film and digital.

HELIOS 35mm f2.8 Wide Angle Lens. M42 Mount

Helios 35mm f2.8 M42 mount lens.

With it's M42 mount, this Helios wide angle lens is adaptable to many different camera mounts. (adapter not included).

Helios is a Russian brand of lens noted for their great build quality and distinctive bokeh.

This one is in excellent optical condition.
The focus and aperture mechanism are all good.
Cosmetically, the lens looks great too.

Comes with lens hood (metal screw-in type) but no caps.