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MINOLTA MD Zoom 35-70 3.5 Constant Aperture Camera Lens

This is a much sought after manual focus lens from the 1980's.

The Minolta MD Zoom is a lens that can capture fine detail (just Google it and have a look).

This example is in A++ condition.
Optics are clear without visible fungus, dust or other nasties.
The zoom, focus and aperture move like they were new.

This is the third and latest model with the 1:4 macro setting added.

It comes with end cap, lens cap (Praktica branded) and a Vivitar Skylight 1A filter - this has a scratch but it's only on there for extra lens protection.

Will fit directly onto cameras with the Minolta MD bayonet mount and other mounts using an adapter. Adapters are available online and on ebay.