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OPTECH USA Soft Neoprene lens pouch for camera lens 3x6 inch Large

OPTECH USA Soft Neoprene lens pouch

OP/TECH USA's exclusive Fold-Over Pouch(tm) offers a convenient and easy way to store and protect small lenses, mounts, converters, adaptors and other miscellaneous items. The soft, durable neoprene construction protects delicate gear against dust, moisture and impact. The unique fold-over closure system has no abrasive hardware and remains attached to the main body at all times so there's no fear of losing it.

To open, simply grasp the cap portion and turn it inside out. The cap remains attached to the body at all times. After putting your gear into the pouch, simply reverse the cap portion to close it.

This size is better suited to short tele lenses such as 135mm and short zooms such as 70-210mm.
(the product photo's showing the smaller pouch show howthe pouch is used and are for reference only).